At What Age Does My Child Needs Braces?  

Needing to undergo orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to come as a surprise. There are a number of signs that a referral to a qualified orthodontist is necessary.  At every cleaning, Sunshine Smiles will evaluate each child on their need for orthodontics and can discuss when is a good time to start.

When Should I Schedule an Orthodontic Consultation for My Child?

A full orthodontic consultation should usually occur around your child’s seventh birthday. However, it can occur as late as their tenth birthday. Scheduling a consultation at such a young age allows orthodontists to diagnosis and treat any orthodontic problems before they become too severe.

If your child is experiencing problems with the growth of their teeth or pain from misaligned jaw or teeth, you don’t have to wait until their seventh birthday to see an orthodontist. You can schedule an appointment as soon as you notice your child is experiencing problems.

Call Sunshine Smiles to Schedule an Appointment

Unsure if your child should see an orthodontist? Let Sunshine Smiles help. The pediatric dentist at Sunshine Smiles can conduct a dental checkup. During the checkup, our pediatric dentist will notice any problems that could indicate your child may be in need of braces or that they should schedule a visit with an orthodontist.

Call Sunshine Smiles today to schedule an appointment for a routine checkup for your child. We look forward to helping you improve your child’s oral health.