Baby Teeth Have a Lifelong Effect on Your Child’s Smile

While parents want their children to enjoy beautiful smiles, baby teeth sometimes do not get the care and attention they deserve. One of the primary reasons people don’t place a high enough emphasis on baby teeth is because they are considered temporary.

It’s true that incisors fall out by the time children are 8 years old, and canines and molars are typically gone by 12. But the importance of regular checkups and cleanings can have a lasting impact on your child’s dental health and hygiene. We are a pediatric dentist in Melbourne, Florida community members rely on. Thus, we hope this fact-based information will help you make informed decisions about early preventive measures and your baby’s teeth.

  • Tooth Alignment: A child’s primary teeth create the spacing that adult teeth will later occupy. Tooth decay and premature loss usually force the neighboring teeth to adjust. Early shifting can negatively impact proper spacing and alignment for a lifetime.
  • Long-Term Health: When baby teeth are not well cared for, cavities can migrate to adult teeth closely positioned near them. If not caught early, infections and abscesses can develop. Even if treated, the damage done to adult teeth can be permanent.
  • Health & Wellness: When babies and young children experience tooth pain, they are increasingly likely to avoid chewing food. This can lead to deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and protein. Thus, diminishing a child’s health during the growth and brain development years.
  • Intelligence: Tooth pain creates a significant distraction for school-aged children. When unchecked, discomfort impedes their ability to concentrate on teachers, homework, and fundamentals. Failing to instill dental hygiene practices and visiting a dentist for cleanings can affect a child’s learning and education.

Baby teeth lay the foundation for a lifelong smile. That’s why we urge loving parents to contact Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Melbourne, Florida, and schedule an appointment.