Baby Teeth: Trash or Treasure?

Your child’s baby teeth may be worth much more than the Tooth Fairy’s going rate, here’s why: Scientists at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research found that primary teeth contain stem cells. Stem cells are extremely valuable because, if necessary, these ‘blank, unspecialized cells’ can be modified to repair damaged cells throughout your child’s body: Allowing physicians to treat (or cure), some diseases, disabilities and conditions. According to the scientific community, using ‘cellular medicine’ to replace parts of the human body will become commonplace in the not-so-distant future.

The Benefits of Blank, Unspecialized Cells

The majority of the cells throughout the body are specialized, meaning that they have a particular job to perform. There are heart cells, brain cells, skin cells, etc., you get the idea: However, stem cells are unique because they are ‘blank’ and can be manipulated to become nearly any type of cell.

Where Can Stem Cells Be Found?

Although stem cells can be found in other parts of the body, collecting them is more difficult. Moreover, the cells collected from these areas have limitations related to programming. The stem cells found in your child’s baby teeth are some of the most powerful stem cells in the human body: They multiply quicker and for a longer period of time than these other stem cells.

Donor Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is one of the most common locations used to collect stem cells; however, these cells are not readily available and must come from a donor. Therefore, if your child needs stem cells, he or she will have to wait for a matching donor. In addition, unlike the cells from your child’s own primary teeth, donor stem cells can be rejected by the body.

Stem cells may be a renewable source for replacing cells and tissues, which offers the possibility for treating a variety of conditions, diseases and disabilities.

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