Back To School Without Disrupting Oral Health

School’s out! Time to head to the beach or pool or simply relax — but those fun, lazy days can also disrupt your child’s brushing routine. Transitioning from school to summer and then back again can disrupt your oral health routine — or it can be an opportunity to reinforce great brushing habits. Use these tips to make the most of this time and create a routine that takes you from school to vacation and back again. 

Oral Health Tips for Transitioning Back to School

Get a new brush

The changing season and routine is a great opportunity to replace your child’s toothbrush if you have not done so recently. Let them pick the color or character. Check with your dental care team to determine which type of brush is best for your needs. 

Reinforce flossing

Using dental floss is a must, but on busy school mornings it can be difficult to get this task done. Use the less structured summer months to practice good flossing habits — and your child will be able to floss swiftly in the morning by the time school is back in session.

Schedule a checkup

Having a checkup in summer ensures you don’t disrupt a school day when classes resume. This is also a good time to make sure your child has good brushing habits — your dentist can tell you if more assistance or attention is needed.  

Make a morning routine

Create a routine for summer that includes brushing teeth regularly. You can consistently brush teeth after breakfast. When school is back in session, just move the breakfast and brushing to an earlier hour, and the routine will transition easily. 

Go slow

Start 2 weeks before school restarts and slowly move your morning routine back to that time. If you need to be out the door at 7, but you’ve been getting up at 9, move your wakeup time back 15 minutes every few days. Once 2 weeks have passed, you’ll be getting up early without a big impact on your sleep schedule. This will help you avoid a crazy, rushed morning —  otherwise rushing to get ready for school could disrupt your child’s brushing schedule. 

And Smile Big!

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Creating routines that can go from summer to school does more than just get you past this transition, it helps build lifelong habits that ensure your child has excellent oral health. Part of a great oral health routine is getting dental care on a regular basis. If it’s time for a checkup, Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry can help ensure your child’s teeth stay healthy year round.