Bad Teeth Are Not Genetic

Make brushing fun and good oral health will follow. Teaching children to properly brush their teeth through play and fun toothbrushes can mitigate any genetic factors that may make brushing more difficult.

Genetic Factors that Affect Tooth and Gum Health

  • Softer Than Normal Enamel
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Small Jaw

Proper Oral Hygiene and Professional Dental Care

When children have crowded or crooked teeth, it only means that they need to be more vigilant when brushing in order to reach every surface of the tooth. This can be accomplished with fun, musical toothbrushes, playing dentist with stuffed animals or dolls and regularly scheduling checkups at your local pediatric dentist’s office where waiting room toys and cartoons are plentiful and the staff is entertaining and friendly.

Start With Proper Brushing

Proper brushing starts with fun. Musical electric toothbrushes with soft bristles and timers can help your child brush his or her teeth for the appropriate amount of time. Practicing proper oral hygiene by playing dentist can help your child learn how to properly brush his or her teeth in order to lessen the risk of cavities due to hereditary factors.

Schedule Regular Appointments with a Pediatric Dentist

Our pediatric dentist in Melbourne makes dental checkups fun with plenty of entertainment in the lobby and child-friendly explanations for all ages. Each checkup includes a thorough examination and teeth cleaning to help prevent oral health problems. We even have sealants to help protect your child’s teeth. As your child ages, we can create treatment plans to straighten crooked teeth and eliminate overcrowding as your child gets older. This will help your child maintain his or her oral health and prevent tooth decay.

To schedule your child’s pediatric dental appointment, call us at 321-622-6255.