Bedtime Routines and Oral Health: Making Brushing and Flossing a Nightly Habit

Like most things in life, good oral health begins with healthy habits. None of us were born knowing how to take care of our teeth. Everyone must learn this from their parents or caregivers. However, establishing a bedtime routine is an excellent first step in a lifetime of healthy oral care habits. 

Why It’s Important to Establish a Bedtime Routine for Oral Health

Once you have a bedtime routine in place, your life as a caregiver becomes much easier. However, it goes much deeper than a less stressful time of day for parents. Young children thrive with routines, and establishing a routine will help them feel safer and less fearful of the unknown. 

Having a bedtime oral care routine will ensure your children learn what’s important. Repeating the same actions every night teaches children how important it is to care for their teeth and gums. While they may not fully understand why having oral hygiene is important, having a habit in place will help them build routines that will serve them well over time. 

What Does a Good Bedtime Routine Look Like?

The American Dental Association has established a solid bedtime oral care routine for children. Following this checklist as a guideline is an excellent start to positive oral health:

  1. An hour before bedtime, begin limiting sweets and snacks. If they need a drink or snack, it should be water or healthy treats. 
  2. Before bed, have the children brush their teeth for two minutes. Setting a timer or playing a two-minute song will help them know when they’ve done a thorough job. 
  3. Be sure they floss after brushing. 
  4. After they brush and floss their teeth, read a story. This is a good transition from oral care to bedtime. 

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