Dental Dilemma on the Frontlines

There’s an invader wreaking havoc on the dental health of deployed soldiers. So pervasive is this force that it has become the top cause of non-combat injuries in the army. What is this insidious invader? Sugar and acid. Dental decay and cavities are becoming a prolific problem for deployed soldiers. Here is a lesson for kids and parents alike that may be hooked to energy drinks, soda, and other decay-causing drinks.

A leading cause of the tooth decay is the sugary drinks so popular among the troops. At Sunshine Smiles, we teach about the dangers of soda, energy drinks, and even juice all the time. Dental statistics emerging from the frontlines show just how real this danger is. The energy beverage of choice on base (according to commissary sales stats) is a 16-oz. Monster – which packs 13 teaspoons of sugar. The most popular soda is a 20-oz. Mountain Dew, and that comes with a whopping 18 teaspoons of sugar inside. This is especially startling when you consider that the average American should only consume 9 teaspoons of sugar per day (for men) and 6 teaspoons of sugar per day (for women). And those figures are for grown adults – so imagine what that much sugar can do in the system of little ones!

Sugar (and caffeine) habits are not just bad for your teeth- they’re bad for your health and highly addictive! Sugar is the culprit behind dental decay, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even more serious conditions. The key to avoiding this detrimental dependency? Start building better habits! Teach your kids to quench their thirst with water, not sugar-loaded beverages. One of the biggest ways to help them learn this important lesson is to set a good example for them by your actions. Reach for plain water, mineral water, or milk and keep them stocked in the house. Explain to your child the benefits of drinking smart and make it a household way of life.

So don’t let dental decay bring you down! Wage war against cavities by enlisting healthy habits now and teaching your kids to do the same. And don’t forget that regular visits to your child’s pediatric dentist are also an important part of maintaining dental health. If it’s time for a dental cleaning, take advantage of the summer break and book your appointment today at Sunshine Smiles.