Establishing Healthy Habits Early

Just as it is important that your children learn how to speak, read, and write, it is important that they learn habits that will keep them healthy. Discover some amazing tips that you can use to help teach your children healthy habits that they will use their entire life.

Be a Good Role Model

Even though they sometimes won’t admit it, children view their parents as role models especially when they are young. Set a good example for your child by making sure you develop healthy habits.

Keep Your Goals for Your Children Realistic

Don’t set unrealistic goals for your children. There will always be the halloween, birthdays, and other parties where they will have a little extra sugar…but don’t get upset. Just remind them to make healthy choices and remember that they are children.

To keep your goals realistic, it is a good idea to start with little things. For example, encourage your child to eat a healthy snack after school instead of a sugary treat. Once your child gets into the habit of eating healthy after school, consider adding on to that and maybe having them pick healthy alternatives for dessert.

Create Visuals So Your Child can See Their Progress

Create visual charts so your child can watch as they develop healthy habits. For example, create a chart where your child gets a star every time he or she brushes their teeth. This chart system allows your child to see how well they are doing.

And always remember that Gummy Vitamins are not a Healthy Choice!

Interested in learning ways you can encourage your child to develop healthy dental habits? Ask the pediatric dentists at Sunshine Smiles for suggestions during your child’s next annual exam. Our pediatric dentists and friendly dental staff will gladly provide you suggestions for how to help encourage your child to develop healthy dental habits.