Everything You Need to Know About Losing Teeth

Children love looking forward to the day they lose their first tooth, but for parents, that day can be filled with uncertainty. There is a lot to worry about when it comes to your child losing his or her first tooth such as when will it happen, what should you do when it does happen, and should you visit a dentist.

To help ease some of your anxiety and make this important milestone a memorable one for both you and your child, we have created a brief, but comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about losing teeth.

When Will Your Child Start Losing His or Her Teeth

The age at which your child will start losing his or her baby teeth will vary, but typically it occurs between the ages of six and eight.

Some factors that influence when your child will lose their baby teeth include:

  • How fast the body dissolves the root of the teeth
  • How fast permanent teeth are growing in under the baby teeth
  • Whether your child is wiggling or pushing at the loose tooth

If your child loses their baby teeth as a result of an injury or if they seem delayed in losing their teeth, you may want to consult with a dentist.

How You Should Handle Your Child Losing His or Her First Tooth

Losing that first baby tooth is more emotional, exciting, and sentimental than it is painful. Even if there is some bleeding, children experience little or no pain when they lose their baby tooth.

If your child experiences some bleeding after losing a tooth, have him or her rinse their mouth out with warm salt water. This will keep the area clean, reduce inflammation, and encourage the area to properly heal.

If you get creative when pulling out a tooth, then please send us a clip so we can post it. Just joking! Teeth will fall out on their own or with a little push or pull. Call Sunshine Smiles if you have any questions regarding about losing baby teeth or to schedule an appointment for your child to visit our experienced pediatric dentists.