Explaining Dental X-Rays to Children

Adults know that getting dental x-rays are all a part of visiting the dentist. Unfortunately, kids, especially if it is their first time at the dentist, aren’t used to dental x-rays and it can be a very scary experience.

It is understandable that children would be afraid of dental x-rays. After all, it can be quite scary if your child doesn’t know what is happening. There is a huge machine coming at them, uncomfortable tools are being placed in their mouth, and sometimes they have to wear a heavy leaded apron. All of which make for an extremely scary experience. However, with a little pre-planning you can take the “scary” factor out of dental x-rays.

The following are some helpful tips you can use to take the fear out of getting dental x-rays.

Read Your Child Books about Going to the Dentist

We aren’t recommending that you pull out a technical manual and read it to your child, but there are a number of age-appropriate books that can help take the fear out of dental x-rays. Children’s books often help guide your child through their trip to the dentist and explain to them – including having x-rays taken – what will happen. Reading these books to your child several times before their appointment can often make them feel less afraid of going to the dentist and having x-rays taken.

Use Imaginative Play

Try to incorporate going to the dentist into your child’s imaginative play. For example, when they are playing, try to have them role play going to the dentist. When you do this, incorporate the part about x-rays into the play and explain to them what they can expect to happen. This will help make them feel comfortable when they do go to the dentist.

Trust Your Experienced Pediatric Dentist

The dentists and office staff play a huge role in whether or not your child is afraid of dental x-rays. Finding a pediatric dental clinic, like Sunshine Smiles, that has experience working with children who have dental anxiety or who have never been to the dentist can help. Call the staff at Sunshine Smiles today to schedule an appointment for your child.