Fall Into Dental Education This Season

We’re picking right back up where we left off last month for back to school! Dental education is just as important as keeping up a healthy oral care routine. Here at Sunshine Smiles, we take pride in helping children and families understand the importance of learning fun little tips and quirks about your teeth. Learn five dental education facts you might not know about pediatric dentistry! 

5 Things You May Not Know About Pediatric Dentistry

You might know that grown adults have 32 teeth in their mouth, but did you know that children only have 20 teeth? These teeth are lettered A-T to help children learn the placement of their teeth. While they all eventually fall out and get replaced with adult teeth, do you know why a child might have missing or extra teeth? Missing or extra teeth in children can be directly correlated to genetics. Malcussions or crowding on the other hand, can be a sign of skipping out on your child’s pediatric dentist appointments to address arising problems or poor oral health. 

When it comes to losing teeth, children typically lose their bottom two incisors first, unless they get a tooth knocked out accidentally, of course. In most cases, your child’s permanent teeth come in from behind, just the same way sharks do. Their teeth with wiggle before it is ready to come out, and they will be able to feel it.  

You may be wondering why your child’s teeth are so spaced apart. This is because primary teeth are half the size of permanent adult teeth! When your child’s adult teeth start to come in, you might notice a difference in the color of their adult teeth vs. their primary teeth. This is because adult teeth come in and appear “creamier” or more yellow compared to their baby teeth. This is completely normal because the “creamier” color you might notice is rich in minerals. 

Why Pediatric Dentistry is Crucial In Growing Healthy Adult Teeth

Pediatric dentistry is able to spot problems before they arise. This can prevent your child from having conditions that are related to teeth, like sleep apnea or the most important of all…cavities. Don’t hold off on your child’s first or next appointment and help them learn the importance of dental education here at Sunshine smiles! Contact us or schedule your appointment today!