Five Reasons to be a Fan of Fluoride

Did you realize that by simply by drinking water, you can protect your teeth from cavities? For the past 70 years, adding fluoride to the public water supply has helped to prevent tooth decay and improve dental health for adults and children alike. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even consider the addition of fluoride to the water supply as one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century. At Sunshine Smiles we’re big fans of fluoride, here are 5 reasons you should be too:

  1. Prevents tooth decay: Tooth decay is one of the top childhood diseases, but water fluoridation can reduce tooth decay by 20 – 40 percent! Without fluoride, there would be more than the estimated 51 missed school hours from dental-related illnesses.
  2. Protects kids and adults from cavities: Fluoride teams up with the calcium and phosphate in your saliva to combat cavities. Studies show that having fluoride in the water system can help to prevent 25 percent of tooth decay in both kids and adults.
  3. It’s natural: Fluoride is naturally present in the groundwater and our oceans. Just like adding vitamin D to milk, adding fluoride to water is a healthy and simple way to battle tooth decay.
  4. Safe and effective: Fluoride in the water has been endorsed by over 100 health organizations, including the American Dental Association, World Health Association, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  5. Saves money: On average, every $1 invested in water fluoridation saves $38 in dental treatment costs.

Community water fluoridation benefits everyone, especially those who are unable to access regular dental care. By a simple adjustment of the fluoride naturally present in our drinking water, the community water supply is at an optimal level to help keep your teeth and gums healthy!

As your Melbourne pediatric dentist, we’re fans of anything that helps to prevent tooth decay for your kiddos. And we believe in administering fluoride in the most beneficial ways – that’s why we brush fluoride onto the teeth, rather than having patients ingest fluoride in tablet form. To learn more about the benefits of fluoride, the American Dental Association has published Fluoride Facts so you can find out more. Contact us or schedule an appointment today to learn more about how to keep tooth decay from affecting your kids’ oral health.