Floss – Your Friend For Dental Health!

Floss may seem more like a foe than a friend. Wrapping the teeny strands of white dental tape between your fingers and wiggling it in and out between your teeth – each and every one of them – may seem like quite the chore. And flossing your child’s teeth? “Forget about it!” you may say in frustration. But not so fast…here are the reasons why floss is your family friend – and how to become happy about it!

Flossing is essential for good dental hygiene. Regular tooth brushing is great, but those bristles have their limits! It’s impossible for a toothbrush to reach all the crevices between teeth where plaque and food debris like to hang out. To really eradicate those villains of decay, you need to bring in your special friend, Floss. It also is proven to be beneficial for the health of your gums.

What should you do to become more flossing-savvy? Practice. Practice. Practice. Show your child the proper way to floss, too. But because of the manual dexterity involved, it can be difficult for children under 10 or 11 years of age to floss properly. Teach even young children the technique, but be prepared to give support as needed to get the job done. Another great option is pre-threaded flossers that don’t involve all the winding and finger contortions involved in regular flossing. Pick some up at the drugstore today and wipe that excuse off the list for you and your kids.

So get friendly with Floss. It’s your new best friend in the fight against cavities. If your child needs a quick tutorial, a helping hand, or some extra encouragement to make flossing a part of his or her routine, take the time to make sure they know that floss is their friend too!

Remember that if you ever have questions about the best way to teach your child about the importance of dental health or need a how-to, ask us at your child’s next dental appointment at Sunshine Smiles! We’re here to help.