Four Fantastic Ways to Keep Sugar Out

It might be true that sugar is fun to eat, but it is most certainly not good for your teeth. Your child might love sweet treats, but the bacteria in their mouth love them even more. Sugar is the food for the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and those bacteria produce acid that etches away the teeth. Limiting the amount of sugar your family eats is good for your teeth and key to your overall health. Check out these dentist-recommended ways to start ridding unnecessary sugar from your life.

Know The Limits

When choosing a snack, keep an eye on added sugar. Naturally occurring sugars are less worrisome, as they are found in healthy choices like milk and fruit. The United States Food and Drug Administration recommends that people aged three and older should consume no more than 12.5 teaspoon each day of added sugar.

The Truth About Juice

Juice is high in sugar and calories. Because of this, water and milk are always the best options for your kiddo. Limit the amount of juice your children drink, and always offer water or milk first. If you do the juice, serve it at mealtimes and never let your children leave the table with it.  If you’re looking for nutrients contained in fruit, eat fruit!

Skip the Soda

Sugary, carbonated beverages are bad news for your child’s teeth. Researchers asked teens aged 14-19 in Mexico about how many sugary beverages they drank, and then examined their teeth. They found that 31.7% had tooth erosion, and that the main culprit is soda.

Be Picky About Sticky Snacks

Many parents are surprised to learn that gummy, sticky fruit snacks are really closer to candy than fruit, especially when it comes to sugar. Even foods like raisins, which are often promoted as an all-natural snack option, can be troublesome. If you’re looking for nutrients contained in fruit, eat fruit!

The absolute best thing you can do is lead by example. Our children want to grow up to be just like us, after all! There’s nothing better than seeing your child comfortable and happy because they’re following in your footsteps.