Fun Facts about Your Teeth

Do you want to impress your friends and family with your knowledge about teeth? The staff at Sunshine Smiles is here to help! We have gathered some interesting and relatively unknown facts about teeth that we are certain will impress your friends and family.

Impressive Facts about Teeth

There are so many facts about teeth that you could fill an entire book with all the facts. We have picked our favorite fun facts about teeth and listed them here for you.

Did you know…….

  • The tooth fairy has increased the amount of money she leaves for a tooth? She used to leave a quarter in 1950. Now, she leaves – on average – $2.00.
  • Identical twins are the exact same in almost every way except their teeth. Identical twins have different bites, tooth shapes, and dental problems.
  • Enamel, the stuff that covers your teeth, is the strongest part of your body.
  • Failure to floss will result in 40% of your teeth not being cleaned.
  • Kids show off their teeth 400 times a day because they laugh that many times in a single day.
  • The molar, the largest tooth in the mouth, of an elephant can weigh over 6 pounds and grow to be 7 square inches.
  • Tiny mosquitos have over 47 teeth.
  • Over 5 million teeth are knocked out of people’s mouths as a result of an injury from sports activities.
  • Showing off your smile only requires you to use 17 minutes.
  • The teeth in your mouth started to form and grow before you were even born.

Want to know more fun facts about teeth then schedule an appointment for your child at Sunshine Smiles. Our pediatric dentists and dental hygienists know tons of fun facts they can tell your child during their appointment. Call us today to schedule an appointment!