Meet the Anti-Cavity Superhero: Fluoride

The enemies of dental health and happiness can be abundant. Everything from sugary treats and drinks, to poor dental habits can open the door wide for decay to scurry in. But little teeth need not fear – fluoride is here!

What gives fluoride its superhero substance? As a naturally occurring mineral, fluoride blocks the acid that erodes tooth enamel. Every time little (or big) teeth get a dose of fluoride, the mineral combats evil acid that is trying to cause decay. Over time, repeated use of fluoride builds up stronger and stronger enamel that shuts out cavities and gives decay the boot! Fluoride is an essential defense against “Drink Type” cavities.

Where can you find this superhero? Fluoride can be found in many types of toothpaste, in city drinking water, and in safe treatments at your pediatric dentist. By brushing your teeth twice a day, you are giving fluoride an opportunity to chase away decay on a daily basis! Your child’s dentist may also recommend an in-office fluoride treatment to give teeth an extra big boost of this natural cavity fighter. We recommend applying fluoride-containing products topically or swishing such a product in the mouth- but not ingesting it.

Don’t think that the battle against cavities needs to be faced alone. At Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we are on your team and will help you use the ‘superheroes’ of dental health to keep little teeth shining!