Milestones In Your Child’s Oral Health

Monitoring your child’s development against a list of standards is one way to ensure they are growing up healthy. But have you thought about their dental milestones? As dentists at Sunshine Pediatrics in Melbourne, FL, we want all parents to be aware of children’s oral health milestones.

Baby Teeth Coming In

After birth, your baby’s primary teeth are still forming in their jaw. Once the first tooth erupts, it’s time for their first visit to a pediatric dentist in Melbourne, FL! Taking care of these teeth, even though they’ll fall out, is important for incoming permanent teeth, aiding with speech development, and creating healthy oral hygiene habits.

Brushing, Bottles, and Thumb-Sucking

At the toddler age, you can do a lot to help your child prepare for lifelong oral health. Help them brush their teeth correctly and floss. Additionally, discourage thumb sucking, be mindful of bottle usage, and ensure your child is getting plenty of fluoride to encourage strong teeth.

Mixed Dentition

When the baby teeth start falling out and adult teeth come in, your child is likely at the age where they may start to play sports or make unhealthy diet choices. Keep them on the right path. Provide them with a mouth guard for sports, take them to see the orthodontist, and continue the use of fluoride or dental sealants if recommended.

Braces and Wisdom Teeth

During the teen years, it’s important to avoid cavities and gum disease with proper brushing and flossing, especially with braces. Your orthodontist or dentist can keep an eye on wisdom teeth to ensure they don’t disrupt orthodontic work and remove them when needed.

The Pediatric Dentist Melbourne Parents Trust

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