Mommy and Baby Dental Tips

Taking good care of your baby’s dental health is a process that actually begins while you are pregnant. Good dental health for mommies results in good dental outcomes for their babies after they’re born, and later on in life! Here are a few quick mommy and baby dental tips from Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Melbourne, FL.

Dental Tips for Mommy

Keep up with your own dental health! Let your pediatric dentist in Melbourne know you are pregnant. Routine dental checkups are perfectly safe for pregnant moms. Be sure to follow all of your dentist’s advice, which will include these tips:

●      Be sure to eat healthy and nutritious snacks. Avoiding sweets helps preserve your own teeth and ensures healthy growth for your baby.

●      Brush and floss regularly! That means brushing at least twice a day, for two minutes (with a fluoride toothpaste) each time and flossing after meals.

●      If you have morning sickness, rinse your mouth with a mixture of water and a small amount of baking soda. Stomach acids can lead to rapid tooth decay if you don’t keep your teeth clean.

●      Drink plenty of tap water during pregnancy. The fluoride is good for your teeth and the hydration is good for your baby!

Dental Tips for Baby

All of your baby’s primary teeth are there at the moment of birth — you just can’t see them yet because they won’t start erupting through the gums for about four months. Here are some tips for your baby’s dental health:

●      Avoid fruit juice, soda, and flavored water. These are unhealthy for a growing baby and especially bad for brand-new teeth. Use only water, formula, or breast milk in baby bottles.

●      Don’t lick your baby’s spoon or pacifier to clean it. Whatever is in mommy’s mouth will go into your baby’s mouth if you do this — and that can include tooth decay-causing bacteria that you might not realize is there.

●      Talk to your pediatric dentist in Melbourne, FL on how to best clean your baby’s gums and new teeth.

Call Sunshine Smiles for Baby Teeth Checkups

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests a child see a dentist by their first birthday. Our goal is to prevent cavities early by educating parents and patients.  If you need a children’s dentist in Melbourne, FL, the friendly staff at Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry would be thrilled to meet you and your baby. Call us today to schedule your baby’s first checkup at (321) 622-6255.