National Tooth Fairy Day

When a child loses a tooth, it is a very special time in their life. So special in fact, that the tooth fairy comes to trade that tooth in with a special treasure. While children lose their baby teeth throughout the entire year, there is one day of the year we celebrate the magic, and that is February 28th, National Tooth Fairy Day!

The tooth fairy has been around for much longer than any of us, and has a very good reputation with dentists, parents, and the most important, children. As tradition goes, a child loses a baby tooth and places it under their pillow that night. When they wake up, the magical tooth fairy will have already come and gone, taking that special tooth and leaving something else in return!

What makes the tooth fairy so special is that she never leaves the same treasure for every child who she visits. She likes to get to know each child and leave something behind that she knows they will love. The tooth fairy gets so happy about children’s teeth because she knows the power that a happy smile has and wants to collect and spread that happiness all over the world.

Healthy teeth make the brightest and most powerful smiles, and that makes the Tooth Fairy even more excited to collect children’s teeth from underneath their pillows. Here at Sunshine Smiles, we send a full report of every child’s checkup to the Tooth Fairy so that she will know how healthy and wonderful their teeth are doing. Although she is very busy, the Tooth Fairy takes each child’s report very seriously and becomes extremely concerned when a child’s checkup is not their best. However, when she receives a report that a child has no cavities and is taking great care of their teeth, the Tooth Fairy can hardly contain her excitement!

How Can Children Improve Their Checkup?

Making the Tooth Fairy happy with a great checkup from the dentist can be easy! By brushing and flossing everyday, children can improve the health of their teeth and be on their way to the best checkup possible. Avoiding sugary and sticky foods is another way to keep teeth looking and feeling their best. If brushing after a meal is not an option, rinse the mouth with water to remove any hidden food sticking in between teeth for long periods of time. The Tooth Fairy gets very nervous around cavities because she wants every child to have healthy teeth that will last their whole lives. By brushing and flossing everyday, children can avoid cavities and keep the Tooth Fairy happy and excited.

What Does The Tooth Fairy Do With The Teeth?

Apart from dentists, no one loves teeth as much as the Tooth Fairy. She loves them so much in fact, she uses them to build her beautiful ivory colored castle. The healthiest and strongest teeth are the best for building with and they also store the most happiness inside of them, which is exactly why the Tooth Fairy likes them the best. Baby teeth are small, so it takes a great deal of them to make an entire castle with, and only baby teeth will do because they usually contain the most happiness.

How Can You Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day?

Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow

The Tooth Fairy finds children’s teeth by looking under their pillow. If a child has a special pillow for when he or she loses a tooth, it just makes finding that tooth even easier! A special Tooth Fairy pillow can be any size as long as the tooth will fit underneath it. Decorating a pillow just for the Tooth Fairy is a great way for her to feel your happiness from very far away and she will be delighted to see the pillow you made for this special day

Watch a Tooth Fairy Movie

There are several great movies that feature our favorite fairy. Some of the most popular include Tooth Fairy, Rise of the Guardians, and Toothless. Enjoying some tooth friendly snacks while watching a movie about the tooth fairy is a great way to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day!

Here are some snacks to crunch on that are smile friendly:




-Cheese and crackers


-Sunflower seeds

-Sliced Turkey