National Toothache Day

While Happy Toothache Day, doesn’t quite ring as a day of joy and celebration, observing February 9th as National Toothache Day is important as it reminds us of dental care. In fact, this holiday was established precisely to focus on why taking care of one’s teeth is so important. Sunshine Smiles in Melbourne, FL can assist with that.

Children And A Toothache

Our team is proud to be a pediatric dentist that specializes in infants, children, teens, and other special needs patients. This subset of patients takes on a more pronounced role because young patients are more at risk for developing cavities and other ailments. Cavities and other oral issues can lead to painful teeth and gum symptoms.

Children are more prone to toothaches and require special children’s dentist Melbourne service primarily because of two things. First, many of the most dangerously sweet foods and sugary, carb-heavy sodas are marketed primarily at kids. Sugar and carb-heavy cereals, candy bars, crunchy and salty chips, and desserts are all notorious cavity culprits that cause toothaches. Yet these are things that children are especially drawn to. Even if you are a parent who limits such items in your own home, your child is likely to be tempted at school or when playing with friends elsewhere.

The second big reason why children commonly have bad toothaches and need to see a specialty pediatric dental team is due to normal growing up pains. All children will lose their baby teeth; many will experience toothaches and pain as the new teeth put pressure on the sensitive nerves in their mouth. Meanwhile, younger toddlers will often experience sensitive gums during their teething stage which will cause their own types of tooth and gum aching.

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So if your baby, toddler, child, or teenager is experiencing a toothache, they aren’t alone. It is important to seek help. Some toothaches are normal (the teething kind), while others are not (the cavity kind). Contact our team at Sunshine Smiles Pediatrics Melbourne, FL to learn more and to schedule your child’s appointment.