Questions to Ask at Your Child’s Back to School Checkup

Back-to-school checkups include your child’s dental health. The beginning of the school year is an exciting time and Dr. Kristin, Dr. Alvarez and the team at Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Melbourne, Fl want your children to return to school with confidence. Our children’s dentist in Melbourne, Fl invites local and neighboring residents to visit us with all your back-to-school dental questions. To help you prepare for the school year, we provide a list of dental questions to ask at your child’s checkup.

Your Pediatric Dentist Melbourne, Fl

Your pediatric dentist in Melbourne Fl, reminds you that this is a great time to ask questions about how to keep your child’s teeth healthy throughout the school year. Our Brevard pediatric dental team is here to answer all your questions such as:

Should my child brush their teeth after lunch at school? 

Our dentists examine your child’s teeth and will recommend brushing two to three times a day. The brushing frequency depends on many factors, and we will guide you through your dental plan accordingly. 

What types of snacks improve teeth health?

Our health team will provide healthy snack ideas which are low in sugar for your child’s lunch and school snack like raw veggies, fruit, nuts, and low-fat cheese.  No Gummies!!

Is milk, water, or another type of drink best for teeth health?

We do not recommend sugary drinks for your child’s teeth like juice, sports drinks or soda. We  recommend milk or water.  All kids love iced water, so buy a big YETI if you need to.

How is my child’s at-home routine working to keep dental health?

Your child’s dental exam includes an evaluation of your at-home care and reminders for your child to brush and floss at home daily.

Are there things to be aware of that may signal a larger dental issue?

If your child experiences lasting pain, injuries to their mouth, or has swallowing, eating or talking issues, please share your concerns so we can take the necessary steps to find out why.  

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