What Happens During A Routine Dental Cleaning?

For many adults, going to the dentist as a child was a frightening experience. Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry is working hard to make sure that no child has a scary experience.  While most pediatric dentists take extra special care in how they provide service to children, the anticipation of a dental visit can be more frightening than the reality.

When you and your child know in advance exactly what to expect during a routine dental cleaning, the experience can be not just beneficial, but also fun and informative. Best of all, your child comes away from the routine dental cleaning with a clean smile.

What to Expect During a Routine Dental Cleaning

While Waiting

Our game room is set up with video games and iPads so your child can get comfortable in our office and allow them to have fun in a relaxed environment.

Open Office Policy

At Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry, we practice an open-office policy. What this means is that your children can see other children enjoying their time at the dentist, while also having parents back with their children. 

Fun Education

We practice informative-based dentistry. This means that our trained team of dental professionals will teach you and your children about caries prevention and share important tips for eating good foods, education about bad foods, and developing positive habits.

The Routine Dental Cleaning Process

  1. The physical exam: Your child’s entire mouth will be thoroughly examined using a small mirror to check for problem areas. During all steps of the cleaning, our team will discuss with you and your child what we are seeing and offer tips and tricks to help make at-home cleaning easier.
  2. Plaque and tartar removal: Our team will use a scaler to remove tartar and plaque from between the teeth and around the gumline.
  3. Cleaning with “sparkle” toothpaste: Once the tartar and plaque are removed, we will brush your child’s teeth with a high-powered electric toothbrush using “sparkle” toothpaste. Our team will offer your child a variety of flavors to make the experience fun and yummy!
  4. Expert flossing: Our team has been trained to give your child’s teeth a thorough professional flossing.
  5. Full rinsing to get rid of debris. “Showers are free at Sunshine Smiles” says our team! After sparkling up your little one’s teeth we do a thorough rinse to remove all debris from the cleaning.
  6. Fluoride treatment application: We will apply a fluoride treatment once the cleaning is complete.

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