How Safe are Dental X-Rays for Kids?

When you book your next appointment at your pediatric dentist in Melbourne, one thing to be prepared for is a dental x-ray. Understandably, there is a lot of concern about x-ray technology and whether it’s safe to use around children who are still developing. The following is a look at why dental x-rays are so important. Our experts at Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Melbourne ensure your child remains safe during the process.

The Importance of Dental X-Rays for Kids

Our Brevard County pediatric dental team uses x-rays to identify, locate, and diagnose a variety of issues. Without this important tool, we would be unable to timely catch certain issues that would then exacerbate into serious problems. For example, dental x-rays allow us to check the roots of teeth and determine whether your child needs a tooth extraction or other procedure. We also use x-rays to ensure your child’s jaw is correctly growing and that there are no spacing issues needing to be addressed during their growth.

What to Know About Dental X-Ray Safety

Our Melbourne FL team generally recommends children to undergo their first dental x-ray at the age of six or whenever you see the first signs of adult teeth growing into place. Once we see signs of adult teeth, our Sunshine Smiles team recommends regular x-rays as part of your child’s routine exams.

Whenever your child undergoes a dental x-ray, our team ensures they are properly protected with a lead apron. This lead apron protects their body from the vast majority of radiation that occurs during an x-ray exam. We follow the FDA, (and other health) recommendations. Our Sunshine Smiles experts enact special settings to further ensure that children are exposed to as little radiation exposure as possible. We also implement digital x-rays that have 80% less radiation than older, conventional x-ray technologies.

Thus, we can proudly say this is a very safe procedure. Our team always ensures the procedure is done in accordance with all recommendations. In the end, your child’s exposure to any radiation is very small and insignificant — and yet the benefits of the x-rays are incredibly significant.

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