Scary Halloween Candy to Avoid This Season  

When it comes to protecting the health of your child’s teeth from Halloween candy, our pediatric dentists recommend staying away from some specific types of candy. There are a few types of sweets that are pretty much the worst thing ever for your teeth! Here are a few that top our list:

1. Sticky, Chewy, Gummy Candies

Sticky, chewy and gummy candies are extremely bad for your child’s teeth because as your child chews, the sticky bits get stuck in the groves of their teeth. If these tiny bits sit in the grooves and can lead to tooth decay and cavities. We recommend not eating gummy bears, gummy worms, gumdrops, caramels, and taffy-like candies.

2. Sugar Coated Sour Candy

Candy that is extremely high in citrus juice or that is coated in sugar are very bad as well. This is because these candies are chewy, often coated in large flecks of sugar, and contain high levels of citric acid. This combination causes an extreme bacterial explosion in your child’s mouth, and the citric acid can wear away the enamel if it sits there for too long.

3. Hard Candies

Hard candies are meant to be left in the mouth until they dissolve, which coats the teeth in sugar for long periods of time. Many children will bite into the candies in an attempt to chew them, this can lead to chipped, broken, and cracked teeth that need immediate dental care. Our dentist in Viera recommends removing all hard candies from your child’s Halloween pail or bag.

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth from Halloween Candy

Our pediatric dentist recommends reminding your child to brush his or her teeth morning and night, especially on Halloween night! While we know you’re child will want to indulge on candy this Halloween, we recommend easier to clean treats like chocolate, M&M, peanut butter cups or smarties. Try to only offer candy the day of and the few days following holidays in order to limit the amount of damage caused to his or her teeth. Before the upcoming holiday make sure to confirm your child’s next dental appointment is scheduled at our pediatric dental office for an examination and teeth cleaning.

To all you families on the beachside in Satellite Beach, Indian Harbour, and Indialantic, don’t be spooked if you catch us trick or treating as well, costumes and all! To schedule your child’s next dental appointment with us, call us at 321-622-6255 today!