Schedule, Set, Repeat 

How often does your child visit a pediatric dentist? Sometimes children may need more frequent visits than every six months. You may need to schedule dental appointments more often in order to ensure that your child isn’t developing cavities or oral health problems while receiving other treatments such as braces. Most importantly, keep all appointments, as rescheduling or frequently postponing them can cause a number of problems down the road.

The Importance of Follow-Up Visits

When your child eats healthy food and consumes healthy, sugar-free drinks (water and milk) and brushes and flosses their teeth at least twice a day, dental appointments should be scheduled every six months. However, if these visits are postponed, you may be prolonging dental issues that could be discovered early by our specially trained staff.
Schedule – Schedule appointments for your children at least every six months
Set – Set your next appointment while at the visit
Repeat – Repeat for all future visits

Scheduling Smiles At Sunshine Smiles

For these reasons, we always recommend visiting our dentist often and not canceling your follow-up dental visits for teeth cleanings and dental sealants. Not to mention, these extra appointments give you the opportunity to ask questions about the health of your child’s mouth, better brushing and flossing techniques, and recommendations on the best oral hygiene products to use to keep your child’s mouth clean and healthy.  So remember, Schedule. Set. Repeat!
To schedule your child’s next teeth cleaning at Sunshine Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in Viera, give us a call at 321-622-6255.