Simple 1-2-3 Summertime Checklist

School’s out, it’s summer!  And that means lots of sunshine, swimming, beach, hanging with friends, and changes in routine…And that means changes in children’s diets, activity levels, and teeth-brushing.  Here is a super simple summer checklist from Sunshine Smiles:

  1. Keep sugary drinks and junk food out of the house for the summer. If there’s a lot of extra free time in the house, there will be more time for boredom.  And kids tend to eat when they’re bored, so keep grazing and snacking on junk food at a minimum.
  2. Stay active.  Don’t get lazy at home!  Make sure to go outside and play with friends.  Get some of that Vitamin D.
  3. Drink lots of water.  Not only will this keep you hydrated to replenish your body with all that outdoor fun, but also water will keep your teeth flushed.  And I think it tastes better than all those other drinks anyway.  Make iced water readily available and your kids will love it!

Go Cubs!