Smile BIG This Summer

Summer is right around that corner, and for those of us living in the sunshine state, that could only mean one thing: fun in the sun! Your kids are going to typically spend more time playing sports, surfing at the beach, and doing fun tricks and jumps in the pool. While that may sound like fun for your kids, it could also mean more of a chance for a dental incident to occur. Here are three common dental incidents that happen with most children and how to prepare for them.

Dental Incidents and How to Prepare for them this Summer

It could happen at any time, your child could be playing in the lawn with the neighbor when suddenly, he comes in crying with a chipped tooth. These are the three types of incidents to be on the lookout for:

  1.  Tooth Avulsion – If an adult tooth avulses or falls out, find the tooth, rinse it in water, and shove it back in the spot where it came from.  If a baby tooth avulses, find the tooth (for the tooth fairy) and give the office a call so we can get X-rays and check to see if everything is ok.
  2.  Tooth Fracture – If you find the piece of the tooth that fractures off, put it in a baggie with milk and give the office a call so we can repair it.
  3.  Bloody Mouth – If you bust your face, and you’re freaking out because you’re bleeding a lot or the teeth don’t look right, rinse and spit until you clean out all the debris…give our office a call and we’ll evaluate what to do next.

Have Sunshine Smiles on Speed Dial

Chances are, if your little one is crying in pain from a dental incident, the last thing you want to worry about is looking for a phone number. Have Sunshine Smiles on speed dial to help us determine the best action plan for your child and their dental incident. Our team of dedicated staff members is specially trained to comfort your child during their dental incident. Sunshine Smiles is located in Viera, FL. Contact us (321)-622-6255 to schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can help give your kids the biggest and best smile this summer!