Staying Calm During Dental Emergencies

When your child has a dental emergency, there’s no doubt that it can be positively panic-inducing — for both of you. The good news is that you can keep yourself and your child calm during a dental emergency if you take the right approach. Here’s what you need to know.

Following the Leader

When there’s a dental emergency, it’s important to remember that your child takes their cues from you. While they’re likely in pain and very upset, they’ll follow your lead and will only become more agitated and hysterical if you seem to be stressed and upset yourself. Remember this fact and take a deep cleansing breath (or three!) while dealing with any dental emergency.

Contacting the Dentist

An important first step in any true dental emergency is to call the Sunshine Smiles office and let us know the emergency. It’s always good to take a photo of the trauma with your phone and be ready to share. We will always evaluate the emergency and work out the best solution – whether it’s fitting you into the schedule or snuggles at home. If you’re en route to our office, you can help keep your child calm by telling them that they’re on the way to the dentist who can help them feel better very soon.

Bringing an Old Friend Along

No matter what your child’s age, they probably have an object that brings them comfort, joy, or distraction. Bring one of these objects along with you while on the way to the Sunshine Smiles office. Whether the distraction is a soft blanket, a video game, or a toy, the important thing is that it takes your child’s attention off the crisis and helps calm them down.

Did You Know?

If an adult tooth is still intact but loose or falls completely out, you know you can rinse off the tooth, push it back into the “missing” space before calling the office right away. Think of it as the five-second rule, or a fish-out-of-water. Many times, the tooth is saved. If that turns your stomach, put the tooth in milk and also call the office.

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