When Do You Stop Brushing Your Kids’ Teeth?

While most parents know that kids need to learn to brush their teeth starting in the toddler years, many people feel less certain when it comes to what age a child can actually brush without supervision. While it can vary from one child to the next, there are some good general guidelines you can follow below.

Are You Still Correcting Their Brushing Routine Consistently?

If you’re constantly having to keep an eagle eye on your child so that you can take over the brushing routine when needed, your child may not be quite ready to brush on their own. Children generally don’t have the coordination needed to brush consistently on their own until they’re around age six. One good general rule of thumb to follow is that when your child is able to tie their shoes, they may be ready to brush by themselves.

Keep the Reminders Going

Even though your child may be brushing without your assistance, they’ll still likely need your help in another area: remembering to brush. School-age children are quite likely to neglect oral care simply because they get involved in other things and forget. It’s very important that you continue to make toothbrushing a consistent part of their routine. Even though you’re not performing the actual brushing for them, you’ll need to tell them “brush your teeth” every morning and every night for some time. Some kids start remembering to do so on their own by the time they’re around 10-12, but others may need to be reminded into their early teens.

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