Fun Ways to Teach Oral Hygiene to Your Kids

Oral hygiene can sometimes be a challenge when children are young — but fortunately, parents have access to a variety of child-friendly tips and tricks to make kids look at routine oral health care in a whole new way. Today on the blog, our pediatric dentist in Melbourne is covering fun ways to teach oral hygiene to your kids.

Toothbrushing Tools

Toothbrushing tools can make all the difference in a child’s attitude towards keeping their teeth clean. Allow your child to choose their own new toothbrush, for starters. A brightly colored toothbrush, or one that features a favorite cartoon character, can really make brushing more fun and interesting.

A new toothpaste is also a great idea for kids. There are plenty of kid-friendly flavors like bubblegum. When your child actually enjoys the flavor, they’re much more likely to brush properly instead of speeding through the routine.

Toothbrushing Timer

A tooth brushing timer, which can be a simple oven timer, is fun for kids to use when it’s time to brush. The children’s dentist in Melbourne recommends brushing twice a day for two minutes at a time. Having a timer in the bathroom makes this easy!

Many kids especially enjoy turning the dial on timers themselves, so the simplest models are usually better than digital timers for this purpose. You can even purchase one in the shape of a fun animal or print!

Brush Time Entertainment

Browse the wide range of tooth brushing apps available for iPhone and Android phones – you’ll be amazed at the options. These apps, which are mainly free, offer distractions like two-minute clips of animated characters, music, and other entertainment.

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