What’s the ADA Seal All About?

If you’ve been perusing the products in the dental health aisle recently, you no doubt have seen that there is a never-ending array of special claims, ingredients, and endorsements. Adding to the variety, there are products that cater specifically to children. By means of packaging and fun flavors (Dora toothbrushes and cotton candy toothpaste, anyone?), these toothpastes and other dental care items attempt to draw in kids and influence the purchasing decisions of parents.

How can you determine which dental care products are worthy of shelf space in your medicine cabinet? The American Dental Association (ADA) puts its seal of acceptance on products that have met high standards in terms of ingredients, testing, and product manufacturing. When you purchase a dental care product with an ADA label, you can be assured that what you or your child will be using is widely accepted by the dental industry. Approval by the ADA can’t be purchased by a company, and the seal is only valid for five years. This ensures that companies continue to maintain the high standards that you are counting on for the dental health of you and your little ones.

As your pediatric dentist in Melbourne, we love to see little teeth shine. So choose products that don’t just look good, but actually are good for your child’s dental health. The toothbrush may or may not be decorated with Dora, and the toothpaste flavor may just be boring bubblegum – but you can rest assured that the super ingredients aside will be doing their best to fight dental disease and decay. That’s the power of the ADA Seal of Acceptance!