Why Are Digital X-Rays Best?

At Sunshine Smiles, we make sure to use the best equipment possible to care for your child’s dental needs, and X-rays are no exception. We use digital X-rays, which are great for many reasons. Here are some of the advantages of digital radiography:

Immediate Viewing of Images
This is very desirable during most procedures. It’s difficult enough to get your little one to calm down and understand what’s going on in the dentist’s office, so having this kind of technology allows for some quick procedures.

Enhancement of Images
Most digital radiology systems include intuitive software that is easy to use for image enhancement. In fact, most have one button to press that enhances the image for easier reading and diagnosis. Some of the optional enhancements include magnification; changes in contrast; changes in brightness/darkness; coloring of image areas based on density, measurements; and many more.

Retake of Images
Digital x-rays usually result in fewer retakes due to under- or overexposure, cut offs, positioning errors, etc. This results in less radiation that your child is exposed to.

Data Storage
Conversation to digital radiography also includes incorporation of several computers for image taking and digital storage of the images. The storage and electronic distribution of digital images allows better communication with other practitioners and third-party benefit companies while eliminating the frustration of having to find films in paper charts for comparison and subsequent viewing.

Patient Education
Taking a digital radiograph and immediately explaining the findings as the patient (or their parent) views the condition on an operatory monitor is extremely useful and practical, and also improves the acceptance of treatment options and plans. Use of the enhancement features also improves your ability to understand the images in the clearest way possible.

If you’re looking for a safe, friendly environment for your child, we at Sunshine Smiles are the best choice! Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.