Why Tooth-Colored Fillings are Tremendous – and Silver Isn’t

Childhood tooth decay is no small matter, and that’s why at Sunshine Smiles we like to say, “the best fillings are no fillings.” But at times, dental decay takes place in little teeth and a filling is necessary. As a pediatric dentist with an eye on your child’s dental health and wellbeing, we only use tooth-colored composite fillings. Here are the top three reasons that composite fillings win over silver (amalgam) fillings.

  1. Composite fillings are more durable and resistant to bite pressure. The materials used to create the filling are strong enough to withstand the daily grind of chewing, and they add strength to the weakened teeth.
  2. The resin of composite fillings contains fluoride. After ousting a spot of decay, the fluoride in these fillings helps to keep it from returning.
  3. They’re more aesthetically pleasing. During the stages of growth and development, a healthy and natural-looking smile is something your child can be proud of. Tooth-colored fillings blend in naturally and won’t draw attention.

Of course no discussion on tooth fillings would be complete without a few reminders on how to avoid fillings in the first place! Teach your children how important it is to…

-Brush their teeth twice a day, with fluoride toothpaste.

-Floss each day.

-Eat a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.

-Visit their pediatric dentist on a regular basis.

While we hope that your child won’t need to have any fillings for a long, long time (if ever!), rest assured that Sunshine Smiles offers the best treatment options available. This means tooth-colored composite fillings that are durable and natural looking! If your child is due for a visit with a pediatric dentist, give our office a call today. We look forward to seeing you!