Worst Candy for Your Kids’ Teeth

Some of your child’s favorite candies could be damaging their teeth. Protect your child’s oral health by learning which types of candies are known for causing the most damage to the teeth.

Examples of Candy That Damage Teeth

Candy that damages the teeth often contain high amounts of sugar, are extremely sticky, or extremely acidic. Some examples of these types of candies include:

  • Sour candies – these are usually gummy candies that are covered in a sour-tasting dust. The sour-tasting dust is extremely acidic and can wear away the protective enamel on your child’s teeth. Some examples of sour candies include Sour Patch Kids, hard candies covered in sour dust, and sour gummy worms.
  • Extremely chewy or sticky candy – extremely chewy or sticky candy can cause numerous problems for your child’s teeth. The biggest problem is having the candy get stuck in between the teeth. When this happens, it attracts bacteria and tooth decay or cavities develop. Another problem is the sticky/chewy candy can damage any fillings or crowns your child may have in their mouth. Examples of chewy or sticky candy include caramels, licorice, and toffees.
  • Candy high in sugar – Most candy has some amount of sugar in it. However, some candies are almost all sugar. Avoid these candies as they can cause cavities to develop. Some examples include powdered sugar dips and candy corn.

Teeth-Friendly Candy Options

If your child is craving some sweet treats, you will want to reach for the following candy:

  • Dark chocolate or any other type of chocolate
  • Sugar-free gums
  • Sugar-free candies such as hard candies or lollipops

These candies will satisfy your child’s sweet tooth while protecting their teeth.

Whether your child is eating the good or bad kind of candy, it is important that they brush their teeth at least three times a day, floss on a daily basis, and see their dentist every six months for routine examinations.

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