Baby and Me Visits

Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease and yet 90% of it is preventable! The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests a child see a dentist by their first birthday. Our goal is to prevent cavities early by educating parents and patients.

To help in this effort, Sunshine Smiles allows the first visit of any child under age 2 to be seen absolutely FREE OF CHARGE! This initial visit includes a cleaning and fluoride treatment (behavior permitting), x-rays (if needed), and a comprehensive exam. The doctor teaches you how you will brush and floss your kiddos’ teeth every day and watch for potential issues.

Most important, this visit allows us the opportunity to talk with families about tooth development, nutrition, hygiene and what to expect in the months/years ahead. The doctor will answer your questions about your baby’s teeth, just like a well-baby visit with your pediatrician.

Having a well-baby checkup at this age also connects your child to a dental home. This helps us establish a good relationship with your child early and provide a good dental experience. Much like a pediatrician, a pediatric dentist is specifically trained in all aspects of dentistry for the developing child.

Benefits of an early dental visit include:

  • Establishing a “dental home” for your child, which is so helpful in emergency situations
  • Becoming accustomed to the child-friendly environment at the dentist’s office
  • Discussing ways to prevent tooth decay, stopping cavities before they start
  • Early treatment will prevent potential infections, abscesses, and/or damage to developing permanent teeth