Baby and Me Visits at Sunshine Smiles

When it comes to taking your kids to their dental appointments, at what age do you start taking them? Is it at three? Or is it later on at seven? At Sunshine Smiles, we want to encourage parents to bring their children and babies in to see us as soon as possible. Establishing a healthy oral care routine early is important, that’s why we see children under the age of 2 for free. We provide free cleanings and fluoride treatments for babies and here is why:

Establishing A “Baby and Me” Oral Care Routine

While your baby is growing by the day, so are their baby teeth, mouth, and jaw. When you bring your child in to see us, we start by ensuring that their mouths are developing properly. We do this by taking a digital x-ray and performing a comprehensive oral exam. After that, our pediatric dentist will show your little one how to properly brush and floss their teeth to be sure they understand the proper technique and angle. Next, we’ll stress the importance of fighting away tartar, plaque, and tooth decay by educating them on the dangers they could cause to your little one’s permanent teeth. This visit is also a good opportunity to ask us about their development, hygiene, and what to expect in the upcoming months and years. 

Another benefit of baby and me visits are that you are establishing a dental home for your child in the case of an emergency. When your baby or child is in pain due to a dental emergency, the last thing you want them to feel is fear of being in a new place with new people. By attending regular baby and me visits, you help them become accustomed to visiting us and our friendly faces. 

Building Long-Lasting Relationships at Sunshine Smiles

We love establishing relationships with our clients and their families, and the sooner you bring in your little one, the more comfortable they will be with their routine check-in and cleanings as they get older. If you are bringing your older child in for their routine visit and have yet to start the first appointment with your younger child, feel free to fill out a new patient packet and call us today at 321.622.6255 to help kick-start their oral health care routine!