Planning for Your Child’s First Dental Visit

You might be under the impression that you don’t need to seek dental care for your child until their permanent teeth have erupted, but this is not the case. Taking your baby to the dentist early on in their life will help him or her realize a long-lasting happy smile and help save in dental costs in the long term.

So when is the right time to take your baby to see their pediatric dentist in Melbourne? You should plan your child’s first dental visit after the first tooth appears. However, should your child’s first birthday come and go without a tooth eruption, be sure to schedule your child’s first visit. During this baby and me visit, Dr. Kristin and Dr. Alvarez will perform a quick lap exam, check for any decay and other present issues, and provide a ton of education with the ultimate goal of preventing of cavities. Our staff will also be able to share information with you about how your child’s teeth are forming and provide tips on how to best care for them, creating good hygiene habits right from the start.

As your pediatric dentist in Melbourne, we want parents to know that we care for your child’s teeth as if they were our own. Contact Sunshine Smiles today to schedule your child’s first visit!